[Sukamoka Vol.2] Chapter 2 Part 5: Tiat

How frustrating, Tiat thought to herself. Every time, just as she’d begin to move on, memories of that day came flooding back to the surface.

That day, when she’d faced her battlefield, ready to accept her inevitable death. She’d gone without any intent of returning alive. No matter what laid ahead, she was prepared to fight as a fairy soldier until her last breath. By exchanging just one fairy’s life, the Winged Guard could collect data on the Croyance.

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[Sukamoka Vol.2] Chapter 2 Part 4: Fwedo

They couldn’t go on calling them “that kid” or “this kid” forever. Both girls needed their own names.

When the issue was raised, the First Officer and four fairies had gone quiet. What’re they so worried about? Feodor had wondered. Something like names should’ve been a natural topic to talk about. They were nothing more than names, after all. As long as they were easy to understand, anything would work. For example, borrowing the name of some famous person, or passing down names of family members.

That’d given Feodor an idea. “I know. How about we name one of them after that Kutori person? I might not see her as such, but wasn’t she supposedly amazing and wonderful?”

The silence became unpleasant after that.

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