[Sukamoka Vol.2] Chapter 3 Part 4: Tiny Family

Recently, the machinery forming Lyell City had fallen into poor condition.

Their mechanical movements grew more sluggish everywhere with every passing day, some areas already having stopped functioning entirely. Consequently, circulation of steam and electrical energy ground to a halt, and there were even small explosions or leak incidents.

The cityscape of Lyell was built up of old machinery. These complicated, intricately intertwined mechanisms worked together as one massive device that behaved almost as if it were alive. No one person understood its full complexity, yet they could go on living in the city with peace of mind exactly because of their faith in the machines that had functioned without pause ever since ancient times.

It was an unwavering belief, not unlike how one might view rain falling from the sky or the movements of the seasons. They were able to arrange their daily lives around the idea that such things had been around and would always be. Since the large city was too-quickly welded together with springs and steel plates, no one could grasp the entire story. But even if they couldn’t understand it, at least the machines would keep on diligently and steadfastly working.

These assumptions were now beginning to break down.

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[Sukamoka Vol.2] Chapter 3 Part 2: Overturned Toy Box

Tiat and Collon were gone.

After telling him they’d be sent on a special mission, they had abruptly departed to another island. No one had informed him of the particulars of their mission, but it was likely something bothersome anyway.

Will the mission go smoothly, or result in another stupidly destructive suicide attack?

Worrying about such possibilities as if it was normal filled him with a deep sense of discontentment. In the end, all he could do was curse at the reckless fairies: Hurry up and finish so you can return.

In this manner, a few days passed.

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[Sukamoka Vol.2] Chapter 2 Part 5: Tiat

How frustrating, Tiat thought to herself. Every time, just as she’d begin to move on, memories of that day came flooding back to the surface.

That day, when she’d faced her battlefield, ready to accept her inevitable death. She’d gone without any intent of returning alive. No matter what laid ahead, she was prepared to fight as a fairy soldier until her last breath. By exchanging just one fairy’s life, the Winged Guard could collect data on the Croyance.

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